Packages Provided

Decentralized full cycle Platform for Smart Contracts Creation, Deployment, Interaction

Standard Package
  • Industry standard Smart Contract Creation
  • XinFin's Private Network option for Deployment
  • Hassle free Smart Contract Interactions
Premium Package
  • All the facilities as per Standard Package
  • Token Wallet Platform
  • XDC and Ether support

How it Works


What are Smart Contracts?

Smart Contracts help you Exchange Money, Property, Shares or anything of value in a Transparent, Conflict-free way without the intervention of a middle party.

Smart Contract

Platform Features

Creating and managing smart contracts without any programming skills

Token Contract

Token Contract XRC20 - Used for token Smart Contracts, XRC223 - Provides extra safety during token transfers, XRC1400- for STO

Crowdsale Contract

This is an audited smart contract with additional features For eg, Bonus rates, Send tokens to Investor etc.

Easy Deployment

Automatic Deployment on XinFin Network. This feature can enable easy smart contract interaction with built-in interaction platform.

Currency Support

XDC and Ethereum Support, Top 10 Cryptocurrency Support in near future and Secured Gateway for Keystore handling & withdrawal.

Future Additions

Future Additions

Smart Contracts calling system ensures that everything works exactly how you have planned.

  • Wallet facility in Platform
  • XRC20, XRC223 and XRC1400 Support
  • Other Platform and Protocol

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